It’s here: Senseforce 2.0!

Senseforce 2.0 is the latest release of the Senseforce Products and Modules. It comes with a great new interface and with many new features! Senseforce 2.0 is IIoT technology at it's finest built on a strong technology stack.

For all your IIoT requirements

Edge computing and fog support

Data Routing on the Edge and in the Cloud

Support of major PLC's and industry standards

Support of all major cloud platforms

Database agnostic storage layer

On premise, managed cloud or full SaaS hosting

Integrations to +1500 3rd party API's

Responsive UI and mobile friendly

Cyber Security Certified

Automatically scales with your data, users and apps

Data Apps

Low Code


Edge asset management

UI / Look and Feel

And many more!

Focus Features of Senseforce 2.0


Data Apps

With Senseforce 2.0 you are able to build Data apps for your Organisations, your customers and suppliers. Data Apps can consist of Widgets, Dashboards, Notifications, Rules, Integrations into your existing Infrastructure and powerful Automations to over 1500 3rd party apps. Our data app builder allows to create drill-down applications, using parametrized Dashboards, extensive charting libraries, low-code analytics and statistical and machine learning modelling. Automations and Notifications are creating benefits without necessarily investing resources


Low Code

Low Code is one of the main design strategies behind Senseforce 2.0. With our unique low code approach we empower employees from all departments (without coding skills) to create and distribute powerful data apps. Graphical formula editors, intuitive Mathematics and Statistics and Visualizations. Create your web application without writing a single line of JavaScript.



Senseforce can connect to over 1500 3rd party apps. This enables you to turn Senseforce into the control desk of your digitalisation strategy. Not matter if you want to combine the powerful analytics of Senseforce with the ticketing system or ERP system of your choice or route machine data into specific reports for you suppliers. Senseforce will probably be able to to do that.



Use our 1500 3rd party integrations to create automated actions by defining triggers and actions in our proven low-code manner.


Data routing

Route machine data on attribute level, individually or in groups directly from the edge into the system of your choice through a powerful web interface. This is probably the cure for your lock in angst and gives you the flexibility you need to serve the data governance needs of your customers. The powerful Edge plugin infrastructure collects data from various data sources like OPC UA, REST, SQL and SIEMENS PLCs and transfers data to different data sinks using MQTT, or SQL. On cloud-level you can utilize our automation framework with our 1500 3rd party integrations (yes... we have 1500 3rd party integration. Have we already told you?) to flexibly route your enriched, aggregated and analysed data to most likely any destination.



Senseforce has a developed and integrated a unique concept how you can turn any of your data apps into fully mobile friendly apps. We know how important it is to keep your workforce mobile! We use a patented (...) configuration pattern, allowing to individually design your Visualizations for any screen size. Use your Senseforce platform as fully fledged Data Management solution as well as read-only mobile web app.


UI/Look and feel

Senseforce2.0 features an award winning UI. We know how difficult it is to engange your collegues, customers and suppliers. That is why we took specific care to deliver the best in class UI. Our cutting-edge front-end technology renders your big data application into a knowledge base trailblazer. Our UI concept integrates unified workflows throughout all our tools. Know how to operate one tool, know how to use all of them.


We are so convinced of the quality and the practical use and especially of our technology stack that we offer a Proof of Concept for the implementation of Senseforce. For more information please get in touch with us!

[email protected]