Fully managed

Senseforce delivers the backbone infrastructure for industrial IoT projects giving you the freedom to focus on extracting value from your data through your expertise.

We lower the entry barrier to industrial IoT

Senseforce provides a “plug and play”, scalable, big data industrial IoT platform for the machining industry.

This platform enables the collection, normalization, retrieval, exchange and sharing of machine data, bundled with data analysis and visualisation engine, to maximise equipment uptime and profitability.

Senseforce engages in the highest security standards and makes you AI ready.

Planning Phase

Digital Transformation is an individual journey for each company. Whether overwhelmed by data and overengineering, or diving in with no strategy but a ton of research, it’s easy to get lost in the chase for perfection during the planning phase.

We understand that being agile is essential because today’s answers can bring tomorrow’s questions. Our workshop helps you develop an adaptable plan to meet the future’s demands.

Plumbing Phase

Data plumbing (setting up the infrastructure for the IoT platform) SETS THE STAGE for more value down the road, but it doesn’t create value itself. That’s why it’s important to see this phase for what it is: a means to an end.

We’ll provide a solid industrial specific architecture so you can start working as quickly as possible on the really exciting stuff. Whether you are a developer or an engineer. With our tools you will be able to build awesome apps in no time.

Value Creation

No one can extract value from your data as well as the engineers who have worked with your machines for years.

SF 366 contains all the tools needed for you to empower your team so they can meet the demands of information management and provide you with data-driven decision making. You can bring together new sets of data and create applications and dashboards to display the info your business needs in a rapid, cost-effective and flexible way- without involving third parties.

Roll Out

The more your teams and customers use the applications, the more value they can create. The adoption of new technology is a key factor in its success.

Our software not only supports the planning, plumbing and value creation phase but also has specially designed features that are necessary to facilitate a smooth rollout and a great adoption ratio.

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