The Future
of Machine Industry.

Senseforce is the machine data management solution for the machine industry. We help your customer service to become proactive instead of reactive, your engineering department to improve machine quality and cost structure, your purchasing departments to assess third party products and your sales teams to make informed decisions.


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The Senseforce end to end solution that significantly improves the entire value chain.

Our advanced edge and cloud computing industrial IoT platform makes obtaining, managing, exploring, visualizing and sharing big data simple and straightforward.

Turn data into information, new insights and quickly derive valuable actions and decisions from it. Seize new service oriented business models, revenue opportunities and simultaneously improve customer experience.

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Take a big leap towards and beyond Industry 4.0

Get answers fast, substantiate or disprove conjectures with real data in a breeze. Find root causes, go from reactive to preventive, minimize downtime and generate new business and revenue models.

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What makes us special?

 Senseforce was born to help machine manufactures tackle Industry 4.0 and everything that comes with it. While maintaining a clear focus on their core competence (building amazing machines), without the necessity of managing, securing and expanding already utterly complex IT landscapes. This synergy is what our customers value most. 

Our scalable solution can be easily used by a novice without programming experience, but also allows the seasoned data scientist to dig deep with a powerful R and Python integration. Query, enrich, filter, aggregate, search through terabytes of historic and life data, create reports, notifications and share it with your employees and customers. 

Additional customer value is achieved by the easy, painless and time-saving integration of new and retrofitted machinery. 

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  1. Unlocking potential

    Based on an extensive database, stored on our linearly scalable cloud database (Galaxy), the products from Senseforce turn data into profit by providing and identifying opportunities to discover new potentials, significant cost factors and underlying connections and patterns among them.
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  2. A Boost for machine lifetime value

    Senseforce is a customized solution designed to generate a competitive advantage in the machine and plant engineering industry. It focuses on further developing or developing new business models to boost profit levels by increasing machine lifetime value.
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  3. No fixed costs and fast integration

    There are no IT infrastructure investments required to implement Senseforce in your organisation. Our end-to-end solution connects your data source, or respective protocols, with our edge computing software (Luna). A major benefit of our product is that “Luna” is fully adjustable and requires no programming skills.
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