The Future
of Machine Industry.

Senseforce is a tailored product for the machine industry to boost machine lifetime value and reduce engineering cost.

Our product fits perfectly SME (small and medium enterprises) companies and does not require any investments into IT infrastructure.

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Künz container crane

Senseforce is a holistic solution, covering the entire value chain.

Thanks to our edge computing solution we accelerate response times for higher efficiency and service, and simultaneously reduce bandwidth requirements.

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Digitisation of machinery is not limited to big and heavy industry.

Thanks to our easy-to-install and fast-to-integrate solution, which requires no extra programming skills, we have developed an outstanding product for small and medium sized businesses.

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iPad with Senseforce App

What makes us special?

Senseforce is a holistic solution that caters for all sizes of machine building companies. Our product is developed with and for the machine industry by focusing on transforming machine and sensor data into a cost saving benefit. Senseforce digitise your machinery, Senseforce makes your equipment fit for Industry 4.0.

We not only provide a software solution that collects data, which is processed and enriched directly on the machine, but we also provide an easy to use analytical interface. Alerts can also be generated ensuring immediate interaction with machine operators, maintenance teams or other experts.

Of course, you also have the option to share data with your end customers and provide them with a machine dashboard or alert system as well.

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  1. Unlocking potential

    Based on an extensive database, stored on our linearly scalable cloud database (Galaxy), the products from Senseforce turn data into profit by providing and identifying opportunities to discover new potentials, significant cost factors and underlying connections and patterns among them.
    industry robot arm
  2. A Boost for machine lifetime value

    Senseforce is a customized solution designed to generate a competitive advantage in the machine and plant engineering industry. It focuses on further developing or developing new business models to boost profit levels by increasing machine lifetime value.
    industry drilling machine
  3. No fixed costs and fast integration

    There are no IT infrastructure investments required to implement Senseforce in your organisation. Our end-to-end solution connects your data source, or respective protocols, with our edge computing software (Luna). A major benefit of our product is that “Luna” is fully adjustable and requires no programming skills.
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