About us

Transforming the manufacturing industries by empowering people

Senseforce, based in Austria, are enabling the machine industry to build products and services of the future. It is our goal to change the narrative in machine manufacturing. We are leading the charge to empower SMEs with a low code approach to realising their Industrial IoT efforts.


Rooted in the machine construction industry

We are the leading Industrial IoT technology, rooted in the machine construction industry that makes big data accessible for everyone. We are working hard to create the most usable and powerful data toolkit for the experts in the machine construction industries so they can strive for, and succeed in their digital transformation. What makes us different is that we are transforming the manufacturing industries by empowering people to unlock the potential of data. We want to democratise data by making flexible and usable data tools – We want everyone to be a data scientist. Our product makes data understandable, usable and accessible. Senseforce communicates data in a language everyone can understand, so people can create tangible value for their companies by creating innovative use cases and solutions that clients want and need. We give people a powerful end to end digital transformation toolkit. These tools enable data to drive change and growth throughout every part of a company creating new products, services and commercial opportunities.



Curious and talented experts

Senseforce is an international team, led by serial entrepreneur Michael Breidenbruecker, of exceptionally skilled and experienced data scientists, technologists, developers, machine manufactures, communicators, strategists and UI designers. Together we form a crack team who are on a mission to bring about a sustainable change in the manufacturing industries by putting the relationship between people and data at the heart of every product and solutions we make.

Join our team

Founded in 2016, we developed an edge computing software for the Industry 4.0. We are a group of smart, talented and open-minded people and are looking for brilliant individuals to help us sustain our growth.

We always want to hear from likeminded people who want to be part of something great. Have an impact, be heard, participate and activate change globally.

Head of Content

You will be responsible for owning projects from start to finish, including project planning, collecting content, managing review and release cycles, acquiring formal approvals, and releasing documentation.

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Front End Developer

Become an important pillar of our company and sustain our growth. Join our Product Development Team and work closely with our CTO.

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Sales Manager

Join our Sales Team and work closely with our CEO. We are looking for smart, driven and exciting self-starters

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Technical Sales Manager

Support of our Sales department and delivery of technical know-how during the sales activities. We want to find a Tech Sales Engineer to join our team to work closely with our CTO and CEO.

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