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Enabling Machines of the Future

by Michael

August 23, 2019

Michael Breidenbruecker— an ambitious entrepreneur—had already amassed years of experience in investing his dedication, time, energy, and vision to take his business ventures to stellar heights before he set his sights on the machine manufacturing industry. Following his entrepreneurial streak and penchant for transformation, he co-founded Senseforce to enable the machine industry to build products and services of the future. However, according to Breidenbruecker, this bright future is fogged by several challenges.

“With a plethora of technologies to choose from, manufacturers, specifically in the SMEs, have adopted technologies that are difficult for them to manage. Unlike large companies in the manufacturing industry, SMEs lack dedicated IT departments, data scientists and resources to create their own IoT solutions,” Breidenbruecker says. “Instead of being blinded by the latest technologies, SMEs should find a technology which is applicable across the organization and enable them to leverage data without necessarily acquiring programming and data management skills.”

Our low code approach to Industrial IoT helps us to deliver solutions to our customers, which make their teams better in what they do

In an ambitious bid to change the narrative in machine manufacturing, Breidenbruecker and his dynamic team at Senseforce are leading the charge to empower manufacturers in SMEs with a low code approach to realizing their IoT efforts. The company has developed a machine data management solution that assists machine manufacturers to improve their customer service, machine quality, and cost structure, as well as assess third party products and drive informed decisions.

“Our low code approach to Industrial IoT helps us to deliver solutions to our customers, which make their teams better in what they do,” explains Breidenbruecker. Instead of carrying out complicated database or cloud tasks to establish a connection, Senseforce’s easyto- use solutions powered by interactive UI and low code approach generate direct value for each department by creating use cases for translating their ideas into solutions. For example, while buying products from different suppliers, manufacturers can create use case to collect, analyze and compare data from different vendors in real time for better negotiation.

Eliminating the necessity of managing, securing and expanding already utterly complex IT landscapes, Senseforce’s end-to-end solution allows the integration of a broad variety of different machine interfaces through its highly scalable and flexible plugin architectures. The machine data is collected on a high performance Senseforce cloud or another cloud of the customer’s choice, mission-critical and highly-scalable storage technology, optimized for near real-time analytics and high-frequency data insertion. To monitor machines remotely, Senseforce also provides a powerful, intuitive and versatile toolset for data analysis, enrichment, visualization, reporting, notification, and user management—all through impressive live dashboards. The easy-to-install and fast-to-integrate IIoT solution for the machine industry eliminates massive programming effort, accelerates time-tomarket and enables a smooth and troublefree transition to Industry 4.0 for SMEs.

A typical client engagement at Senseforce begins with delivering a playbook to the clients, allowing them to embrace digital transformation in a rapid fashion. This playbook is handed to what Breidenbruecker calls a champion in the client organization who is technologically sound to understand different aspects of the playbook and can roll out IIoT initiatives and digitalization process across the organization.

Today, Senseforce is on a critical mission—helping the European companies compete against Chinese machine manufacturers beyond just quality. In doing so, Breidenbruecker stresses that the only way to pitch clients is through service-based business models and embedded service models. With Senseforce, companies are restructuring their service departments by utilizing call centers and enhancing operations. Senseforce enables manufacturers to turn the reactive service department into a proactive service department.

Senseforce is fueled by a constant exchange of information with many leading machine manufacturers and focuses on their true needs and challenges. “We are developing machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence based models for the machine manufacturing industry to generate new value. The way we think is all about developing smart machines,” concludes Breidenbruecker.