Case Study: Künz Engineering

Confidently designing the next generations of machines

Künz, based in Vorarlberg Austria, are recognised as an industry leader in machine manufacturing. As leading innovators in crane construction, they are known for setting trends, not following them. They began working with Senseforce in early 2017 and have been pivotal in the development of our Industrial IoT toolkit, forming their KIS Solution.

Client: Künz, David Moosbrugger, General Manager/CTO.
Problem: Engineers today design machines according to codes and standards that are set by other people’s experiences however, some codes are not up to date because the machines industry is often better informed. The most updated codes allow the use of data instead of conservative formulas and coefficients, these are used in the crane industry. In the future Künz wants to design cranes which perfectly meet the customer requirements, to do so Künz needs to make use of data to understand exactly how their machines are operated. By doing so, Künz will be able to design the next generation of cranes faster and more accurately than in the past.
Solution: We needed data from different machines, so we connected our machines to Senseforce. The more data we had and analysed the more widgets we created and the more we learnt about our machines. We were able to compare machines and answer questions we had always had about our products. By answering these questions, we were also able to connect the knowledge we had gathered with the codes and standards and therefore we knew exactly how to interpret formulas and coefficients.
Resolution: Today we are gathering our machine data, we are analysing our machines usage and functionality and we are using this information to design the next generation of products. In the future this gives us better products, great success and sustainability in the market.