Case Study: Künz Service

We created a responsive Control Room

Künz, based in Vorarlberg Austria, are recognised as an industry leader in machine manufacturing. As leading innovators in crane construction, they are known for setting trends, not following them. They began working with Sensforce in early 2017 and have been pivotal in the development of our Industrial IoT toolkit, forming their KIS Solution.

Client: Künz, David Moosbrugger, General Manager/CTO.
Problem: Our Service department was one of the main reasons why we started a digitalisation process and began working with Senseforce. We have machines all over the world and we did not know what the machines where really doing. This meant that customer usually called us when there was a problem and it seemed that the machines always went down at the weekends or during a national holiday which hindered our response times and compounded the problem. When a customer called they were often frustrated as the machines where down and they had found themselves stuck in a difficult situation. They were under pressure and this pressure was then pushed onto our teams. Because both parties where under pressure they did not work efficiently, communication broke down and complications arose. This meant machines were out of service for longer than necessary. We could not find people to do the service jobs because it’s hard and demoralising to solve problems all day – we were losing valuable team members who were working on our service hotline. We were always reacting to problems and we wanted to change this. We wanted to act not react.
Solution: This is why we worked with Senseforce; we wanted to develop an Industrial IoT toolkit that did what we needed it to do, delivering solutions for the machine manufacturing. We began with connecting machines, as many machines as we could using the Edge Client. Once we had the machines we began to gather data – a lot of valuable data – and store it on the cloud. From there we created the Control Room, a dedicated place where expert engineers reviewed the data widgets, dashboards and reports created by the system. We started with simple alarm dashboards and reports. The flexibility of the system and the toolkit meant we could begin to use the information to adapt machines within a matter of months. Our reporting developed quickly to be more complex, until we had a complete list of the top 20 alarms across our machine profile. All of this meant we became quicker and quicker at responding to alarms and by focusing on this list of the top 20 alarms our Control Room operatives are able to monitor alarms causes and find rapid solutions for problems on site across the world.
Resolution: Today we are monitoring all our machines 24/7 and we have a dedicated Control Room manned by with experienced engineers, analysing and reviewing alarm notifications and functionality data. Once they see an alarm, they can act fast. This means we are always acting to resolve small issues and never tackling larger problems. This significantly reduces the down-time of machines because we are now calling the customers to request small adjustments or minor alterations to the machines. Before when people left the service teams all that knowledge about functionality and troubleshooting went with them. Now we have changed this with Senseforce, today we share all the machine knowledge with everyone via our flexible and powerful (KIS) solution, Senseforce tools that are branded and tailored to our exact needs. Of course we want and need experts’ onsite and in our offices, this will never change. With Senseforce we now have the insights to train more experts who are all now better informed and more efficient. We are now better placed to fix and maintain our machines, we have taken the pressure of the engineering and service teams and we have the tools to educate service teams about our products and how they best work. Clients now buy our machines because of your excellent service packages.

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