Company types

The power and flexibility of Senseforce means that our products and solutions offer a wide range of companies the perfect digitalisation toolkit. From integrating into a complex large scale IT landscape to delivering a personalised end to end solution, we have the product module combination to match your requirements.

Powerful flexibility


Senseforce offers the ultimate scalable and flexible Industrial IoT end to end solution that will support your company growth and development. Designed by SME’s in the Machine industry for SME’s in the Machine Industry.

Successfully integrate technology that is adaptable to your needs


Senseforce can integrate into your organisation where you need us. We can support you with connections across your portfolio, secure storage, exacting management, and data processing all the way through to machine learning. Our whitelabelled platforms are powerful and integrate into your existing brand technology landscape easily.

Know your machines

Machine Operators

Senseforce delivers data insights directly to machine operators from the machines themselves, guaranteeing efficiency and optimisation in how you install, operate and maintain machines.

Develop the next generation of machines and products

Machine Manufactures

Senseforce is the solution that can support a complete digital transformation. From connecting machines, gathering data to insightful reports and advance machine intelligence, we have the tools for the job and the expertise and products to deliver.

Simple industrial IoT integration

System Integrators

Easy to use, low-code data enrichment at the click of a button. Senseforce can seamlessly integrate into your existing systems giving you the opportunity to learn from every aspect of your organisation and beyond.