About Senseforce

Senseforce is located in Dornbirn/Austria, close to the borders of Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Our team consists of highly skilled developers, data scientists and a management team with a proven track record in system and solutions engineering, automation, lean manufacturing and finance.

It is vitally important to us to prove our product works by combining computing expertise and developing skills that master the day-to-day requirements and challenges the machine industry demands.

It is for this reason, we have established a close partnership with two machine builders, Hans Künz (heavy lift cranes and equipment for the hydropower sector) & IMA Schelling Group (woodworking industry). These two companies have very different requirements, which right from the start challenged our team to offer a full set of opportunities for our new clients to increase their machines’ lifetime value and develop their new digital strategy.

With Speedinvest we have attracted the most important Austrian venture capital company, which is investing into our future growth. With their Sillicon Valley based branch, as well as their partnership with NEA, they have bridged our gap to the US.