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  • Senseforce Luna
    Senseforce Luna
    Network outage or crammed bandwidth are things of the past.

    Senseforce solves these challenges directly on the machine.

    The SENSEFORCE LUNA is the heart of the Senseforce industrial edge cloud and is installed directly on the machine.

    The intelligent software collects data from sensors, PLCs and other systems running at shop floor level and standardises, compresses and enriches data with relevant supplementary information.

    With optimal usage of given bandwidth, this info is then automatically encrypted and stored in the SENSEFORCE GALAXY cloud database.

    Fog computing: intelligent technology operating at machine level and not susceptible to network failures.

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  • Senseforce Galaxy
    Senseforce Galaxy
    Save money on expensive investments on new infrastructures and database updates.

    The SENSEFORCE GALAXY cloud database is a high-performing solution boasting highest database security standards, which repeatedly replicates and stores your data.

    The SENSEFORCE GALAXY cloud application is a high-performing, highly secure technology able to conduct distributed computing in real-time.

    Additionally, storage and performance scale linearly.

    One of the USPs (unique selling proposition) of SENSEFORCE is the high performance created through billions of data set searches over several years.

    Senseforce Galaxy Screen
  • Senseforce Rocket
    Senseforce Rocket
    How to offer a full-service package? Which part of the machine is over specified? Which machine components need to be replaced soon?

    SENSEFORCE ROCKET provides answers to these and many more questions.

    SENSEFORCE ROCKET provides the solutions for the machine industry and its customers.

    Complex database queries can even be compiled by novice users via a user-friendly analytical interface.

    Customisable dashboards allow all target groups to create their own specific view on the company’s data universe. 

    The possibility to set up a control room to monitor all facilities, as well as additional features like automated algorithms, which support preventive and predictive maintenance, are also available.

    Data transparency also allows for improved after sales service and spare parts business.

    Senseforce Galaxy Screen