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Senseforce product scheme
  • Senseforce Luna
    Senseforce Luna
    LUNA flexible and high performance edge computing
    LUNA combines edge and cloud computing, tackling many challenges in traditional IIoT infrastructures. Network congestion, limited bandwidth and system updates are locally handled by LUNA.

    The scalable and highly flexible plugin architectures allows the integration of a broad variety of different machine interfaces (OPC UA, Siemens S7 native, MTConnect, SQL… and many others) in no time. Retrofitting as well as integration of new machines is straightforward.

    Bandwidth optimization, rule-based event generation, pre-filtering and encryption are available out of the box with sane defaults and minimal configuration needed.

    • define what is transmitted
    • local data pre-filtering
    • offline message queuing
    • machine data enrichment
    • flexible plugin architecture
    • low bandwidth requirements
    • low CPU and memory footprint
    • end 2 end encryption
    • platform independent (Windows, Linux, Mac)
    Network Switch
  • Senseforce Galaxy
    Senseforce Galaxy
    GALAXY high performance, mission critical and highly scalable storage technology. Optimized for near real-time analytics and high frequency data insertion.

    Perform data analytics with raw historic and live data with no need to pre-aggregate your data. No additional expensive and complex IT infrastructure needed, focus on what’s important.

    State of the art cyber- and physical security, hosted in Austrian datacenters assures your data’s safety so that you can rest at ease.

    • high performance
    • secure
    • scalable
    • optimized for high insertion
    • analytics using raw data
    • data hosted in Europe
    Senseforce Galaxy Screen
  • Senseforce Rocket
    Senseforce Rocket
    ROCKET a powerful, intuitive and versatile toolset for data analysis, enrichment, visualization, reporting, notification and user management.

    get the information you need right away

    Create impressive live dashboards that help you monitor your machines around the world.

    Send detailed and automated reports to your executives as well as service technicians, customer service and other departments.

    Receive periodic or event based notifications about machine state, system alarms and other KPIs via e-mail, SMS, slack and many others.

    • powerful
    • intuitive
    • dashboarding
    • reporting
    • data analysis with no programming background
    • R and Python integration
    • alarms and notifications
    • data enrichment
    • user and group management
    • white labeling
    Senseforce Galaxy Screen