Innovation delivered: Senseforce 2.0

Senseforce is built in partnership with Machine Manufacturers who are the true experts when it comes to machines. Their continuous feedback and drive for excellence ensure that Senseforce is the most powerful, practical and flexible Industrial IoT solution. Join us and discover key highlights of the latest release.

For all your IIoT requirements

Edge computing and fog support

Data Routing on the Edge and in the Cloud

Support of major PLC's and industry standards

Support of all major cloud platforms

Database agnostic storage layer

On premise, managed cloud or full SaaS hosting

Integrations to +1500 3rd party API's

Responsive UI and mobile friendly

Cyber Security Certified

Automatically scales with your data, users and apps

Data Apps

Low Code


Edge asset management

User Interface

And many more!

Focus Features of Senseforce 2.0

Data Apps

With Senseforce 2.0 you can build and share Data Apps in minutes. A Data App is a powerful combination of data analysis, visualisation, notifications, rules, automations and 3rd party integrations. You can think it as a multitude of stand alone modules that can be combined together to create a complete end to end solution. One app can aggregate and visualise sensor data, the second can be a set of rules that trigger a notification when needed and the third one can enter this event into your ERP system. This flexible and modular approach ensures that each user gets their perfect dashboard, alert or action. You can build solutions for internal and external use and rapidly create new digital products. And best of all - anyone can do it in Senseforce 2.0 NO-CODE graphic user interface in a matter of minutes.

Low Code

True business expertise lies with your experts: technicians, R&D, sales etc., not the IT department. Breaking down barriers between data and people is part of the Senseforce philosophy and we achieve it with our Low Code approach. Graphic formula editors, intuitive mathematics, statistics and visualisations modules ensure that anyone in your company can work with millions lines of data in just a few clicks.


Senseforce has ready integrations with over 1500 third party apps. For everything else, there is an API endpoint.


Never do the same action twice with our automation engine. Define your own triggers, use the ready made integrations with third party apps to define actions or send notifications. Do all of this in a low code environment and deploy in minutes.

Data routing

Route your data directly from the edge to anywhere you want through an intuitive web interface. No vendor lock-in and full compliance with your customer’s governance needs. The powerful Sensforce edge plugin collects data directly from PLCs (OPC UA, REST, SQL, Siemens S7 etc), transfers it using MQTT or SQL to a location of your choice. Is you data already stored, analyzed and enriched in the cloud? Then use our extensive library of 1500 third party applications to distribute it automatically.


Your data, always at your fingertips, whether you are in the office or on the go. Senseforce 2.0 is fully optimised for mobile viewing, so you can always stay up to date.

User Interface

The Senseforce 2.0 UI is an award winning, meticulously designed interface that makes you forget it’s even there. The omnipresent, coherent workflows ensure that everything feels intuitive. We focus on the tools to let you focus on data insights.

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