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Customer service at the next level

Proactive vs reactive service

Customer services are often reactive when they should be proactive. The team can often become a ‘customer pacifier’ which reduces moral and can impact on staff retention, and your costs. With Senseforce you can transform the whole team into fully informed and responsive Control Room.

The Control Room

With access to machine data The Control Room can know customer needs before they do, creating new predicative maintenance options, proactive service strategies and attractive service agreements.

We have seen clients develop an increase in service agreements of 20%. Employees report a greater level of job satisfaction and there has been an increase in both customer and staff retention.

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Case Study

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Exacting and efficient engineering for the future

Informed design and development

By analysing how existing machines are used and perform in real-time and in real-use environments, you can design and manufacture new machines and parts, to meet exacting specifications and function requirements. Your R&D processes can evolve, creating innovations based on an informed iterative process, potentially expanding your product portfolio exponentially.

Reduce overheads. Increase innovation

With the adoption of an informed engineering process you will significantly reduce a products time to market. The next generation of innovative machines can be created with confidence by your in-house experts.

With the increased efficiency and innovative solutions that your products offer comes the opportunity to increase functionality and performance, ultimately resulting in cost reductions in both warranties and guarantees of up to 25%.

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Case Study

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Data insights drive customer relations

Your sales team toolkit

Sales are based on the understanding of a client’s needs. With the usage and performance data Senseforce can bolster and strengthen this understanding, giving your sales team a toolkit for identifying real usage information, so they can predict a client’s needs even before they are aware of them. Valuable data insights can also be presented to the client via our whitelabelled platform and billed on a monthly basis opening up a complete new revenue stream for your company.

Informed negotiations and decision making

Data allows purchasing to gain a deeper understanding of the products they buy, what they should buy in the future, and even what they should not invest in. Senseforce offers the purchasing department the ability to compare like for like and to use real insights to negotiate contracts, rates and services.

There is the potential to develop informed decision making, guaranteeing the right items are bought for the right price. This increase in negotiation power has proved invaluable to our customers.

Reduce the start-up times and costs

Real time monitoring

By monitoring and analysing the performance of machines with Senseforce in real-time you can actively reduce the installation time and installation costs. An advantage of real-time remote monitoring is also that the experienced personnel can oversee and guide installation remotely. With the detailed monitoring of the installation process also comes the performance data that can alert you to saving alterations that can be made to guarantees. Our clients report an average reduction of installation costs by 8%.

Remove doubts and increase confidence

With machine performance and operability data senior management can build evidence based decision making processes and strategies. Senseforce helps to remove doubts and increases confidence.

With the full spectrum of machine data available managerial teams are able to develop, build and roll-out digitalisation strategies that are lean, flexible and most of all achievable. With our easy to integrate data toolkit, we can help you to succeed in the digital age while keeping your focus on your key business.

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Monitor and manage energy consumption

Know more without effecting core operations

Manufacturing is among the largest consumers of energy in the world. You face the challenge of using power as efficiently as possible to reduce consumption and costs. By utilising Senseforce you can monitor, predict and reduce energy consumption without effecting core operations. By presenting all the data surrounding energy consumption in one simple format you can have vital energy consumption information at the click of a button. The cost savings in energy efficiency vary, but can be expected to be over 10%.