Sustainable and future focused

With the Senseforce Industrial IoT technology toolkit you can execute your secure, affordable and effective digital strategy, securing your company’s future


Generate new market ready business models

Today the machine industry is no longer solely a provider of products; it is essential to offer a range of competitive services. Without impacting on your legacy operation you can confidently offer 24/7/365 monitoring as part of your service contracts, guarantee functionality of machines as a service, and develop tailor made data led service packages. With Senseforce you have the ability to create measurable commercial impact from data from day one.


Data products of the future

With Senseforce you can develop and build data apps designed to suit the needs of your customers and suppliers. These range from detailed efficiency reports, to apps that suggest potential improvements in using the machines. There is also the opportunity to export data into other systems and varied service portals.


Competitive Edge

Gain the competitive edge in the Machine Industry with the right digitalisation toolkit.

With the adoption and integration of Senseforce your organisation will automatically begin to have the advantage in the market place because our toolkit enables the transformations you require to be part of Industry 4.0. You will be a data driven, digital company that has the competitive edge. We want to help our clients evolve, so we developed an Industrial IoT toolkit that ultimately improves communication, enhances commercialisation and nurtures innovation. Increased productivity has been the driving force of every industrial revolution to date and with Senseforce you will see productivity and efficiency soar. Industry 4.0 will see increased productivity through a seamless physical-digital integration of humans, processes, systems, and machines, and we can give you the tools to do this. We can make you AI ready. We can enable you to harvest and managed machine data from across you and your client’s global operations. With our flexible and powerful solutions you will be able to empower everyone in your organisation to use and learn from data, because we believe that people are the core of digital transformation.

Smart Machines

A new kind of intelligence

Be AI ready. The future of the machine industry is already here and you need to be ready for it. We can get you started on developing your own AI in a matter of days.

Build a sustainable future

With the next generation of products and machines you can guarantee a sustainable future for your company and its people.

The future of machines

Have the expertise and insights to develop and build Smart Machines and parts. Give your engineers all the answers and intelligence they need to design your next generation of products in seconds.

New algorithm models

The more you know about your machines the more you can know about what they need to do, how they need to act and what they can do to become quicker, more efficient and valuable.

Edge Client or Cloud

These algorithm models can now run in the cloud or they can run on the Edge Client which makes machines truly smart.

The next level of data analysis

Data collection across multiple machines and sites makes it possible to analyse data like never before. Know more, learn more, and do more.

The Bottom Line

Not all the benefits can be summed up in numbers. But many do. According to our customers' ROI calculations, the investment costs are amortized within 18 months on average.



Uplift in Service Agreements



Reduction in Warranty Costs



Increase in Product Margins



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