Use Cases: Data Driven Product Development

A major challenge for (SME) machine builders is that they ship their machines to their customers and never hear from them again – unless, of course, they experience major issues! But, until now there has been  hardly any clear history on e.g. the wear and tear of single components versus machine hours, numbers of articles produced, maintenance cycles, etc. Senseforce is changing this.

Product Development

The Advantages

  1. The machine builder will get to know more about the machine he built than the customer does.

    In most businesses, over time the customer and its maintenance crew have acquired more knowledge about the machine in real production environment than the machine builder does – also because each customer runs and maintains their equipment differently. In addition to information provided by customers, Senseforce now enables you to dig deeper into your customer’s feedback supported by data. Simultaneously our product allows you to design “the machine of the future” based on real data collected from a wide range of different customers.
  2. Purchase the best components for your equipment

    Customer satisfaction goes hand-in-hand with a competitive offer, high quality and low lifetime costs. But how can you make sure you use the right parts, not only focused on cost saving, but also long-lasting? As Senseforce enables our customers to constantly monitor individual aspects – e.g. each motors – this allows a detailed comparison between different models/suppliers right away. For a similar product range some customer may have chosen motors with the same specification, but from three different suppliers. It is now not only possible to collect real data on each component over machine lifetime, but also real energy consumption and behaviour of the aggregate under special conditions and running at its limit. This information empowers the machine builder to calculate a full cost analysis.
  3. Harmonising where possible

    An extensive data set shows you what your machine’s current capabilities are and to what extent they can be improved. This allows for reduced specifications of items during the design process without negatively impacting machine quality and wear & tear.
  4. Perfecting your simulation

    One of our customers has developed a sophisticated material-flow-simulation-programme, which is used for each new project. But, until now it has not been possible to prove that simulation results reflect reality. However, now by using the data provided by Senseforce, the same customer has started to compare real performance data with the software programme’s result. In several cases the results do not match, but the software can now be adapted to give better results for future projects.