Use Cases: Maintenance As A Service (Maas)

Machinery complexity has strongly increased over the past years. Besides mechanical engineering, also robotic and industrial electronics have arrived at the shop floor.

The main concerns of the customer of your machine are output and quality. At the same time training/qualifying maintenance personal for different equipment is an expensive and difficult endeavour.

However, Senseforce opens new opportunities for a service based business model.

Augmented Reality

The Advantages

  1. Prediction for required interventions by comparing all installed machines

    Thanks to the possibility of comparing all built in and delivered machines, the machine builder can, based on data collected, predict precisely when an intervention is urgently needed or define the right preventive maintenance cycle.
  2. Your customer’s maintenance team cannot be an expert in all machinery

    The machine builder’s staff is well trained, specialized, very experienced on their machines and has direct contact to the engineering department if necessary. Consequently, the machine builder will be able to offer an increase of uptime.
  3. Guiding the local maintenance team

    Senseforce offers to set-up a control room for the machine builder. This way the status of the machine can constantly be monitored, but also the end-customer’s maintenance staff and engineering experts can be guided by e.g. direct connection with Microsoft’s HoloLens. This leads to improved uptime of the machine and less traveling efforts for your experts.