Planning Phase

You don’t have to settle for a vision when you can have a roadmap. We’ve mapped out the future of the industrial internet of things with our innovative products.

Everyone is trying to get there.
To get to that just right,
starry-eyed vision of IIoT.
We know that.

That’s why we developed
Rapid Prototyping as one of our
key features for your company’s
digital transformation.

Key Features for Perfect Planning

Our rapid prototyping feature allows you to import historical or generated data and start getting tangible ideas of how your machine data will support you in optimizing processes and performance. Use Cases will become obvious and a roadmap will emerge within days. No hidden costs and no risk – for a good start to your industrial IoT project.

We help you to focus on creating a performant solution using a combination of state-of-the-art technologies without wasting valuable time and resources. We collaboratively define requirements that drive success and meet the targets of delivering a strategic plan on time and to budget. We make sure all key stakeholders are involved throughout the process to streamline the efforts and avoid delays due to interdepartemental friction.

We understand that being agile is essential because today’s answers will bring tomorrow’s questions. Our workshop helps you develop an adaptable plan to meet the future’s demands.

Why settle for a
vision when you
can have
a roadmap?

Benefits of workshop

  • Get a solid idea of how your roadmap could look like so you can start implementing and get closer to success.
  • Get clarity on the potential of your machine data with our experienced team you also find use cases that you might not have thought of. We can give you pointers on what brings value and what doesn’t, what is easier to implement or simply what has to come first e.g. alarm tower has to come before predictive maintenance.
  • Create a timeline so you get an idea of the scope, time and resources needed for the project.
  • Have everyone aligned doing the workshop with all decision makers; so first you get all the possible use cases and benefit from internal buy-in from the start.
  • Get a precise idea of costs. With the value proposition and the costs you can create valuable business cases.
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