SF integrate

Simplify your communications. Senseforce can integrate across your entire IT landscape, uniting everyone in your organisations in how they use and learn from data. Synchronise existing systems, easily define data triggers and automations, and schedule reporting and notification alarms.



Define data-centred triggers, define actions and create powerful automations. Integrate automations across multiple system including ERP/Ticketing/File systems and more.


Integration Center

The Integration Centre allows you to connect all your operating and IT systems easily and efficiently. Share data between Senseforce and your systems, with Senseforce acting as the central data hub.


Scheduling Engine

This tool creates and shares data and reports throughout your organisation to further develop machine data transparency.


Notification Engine

Automatically monitor machine performance 24/7 and identify optimisation. Stay ahead of all machine functionality, usage and potential problems across your and your client's stock.


Collaboration Tool

Create collaborative analytics, reports, dashboards, widgets, and automations. Invite others to work with you.


Publishing Tool

After a data app is completed, selectively publish it, making data apps and analytics accessible to everyone.