Roll Out

Although it’s a challenge to get people to change their habits, we know that the adoption of new technology is a key factor in its success.

Where are you in your IoT efforts?

The more your data will be utilized, the more valuable data becomes.

And the more your teams and customers use the applications, the more value they can create. Our low-code approach transforms the rollout dynamic. Data becomes fluid, giving teams insights and boosts production. Insights are transformed into cost reduction or upsells that can be utilized by anyone thanks to our user-friendly UI.

Machine operators need to know why they should share their data.

    The data sharing between machine manufacturers and machine operators is based on trust. That’s why we have incorporated features like user group management and asset management where data points can be activated and deactivated accordingly to support smooth cooperation between all parties. Machine operators need to know why they should share their data. And using Senseforce’s rapid prototyping tool, you can show them.

    With the rapid prototyping tool, it’s possible to find scenarios and use cases that help machine operators understand how they could benefit from your industrial IoT customer platform.

    Here’s what you get:


     Software that not only supports the planning, plumbing and value creation phase but also has specially designed features to facilitate a smooth rollout and a great adoption ratio.      

    Industry expertise to help you find convincing use cases for machine operators so data sharing becomes a win-win situation.   

    Support to train your internal champions so they can succeed in rolling out applications to internal teams and customers.

    Senseforce offers one solution that can meet all these needs, and puts you in the best position for a successful rollout.

    We help implement solutions that fit your digital transformation needs.

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