What can you do with the Senseforce API?

Senseforce offers you the possibility to control, organize and manage your data using the core API resources of our platform. The Senseforce API is organized around REST. It uses tool-oriented URLs, accepts form-encoded request-bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication and verbs.

Data Analysis

Widgets & Dashboards for Feature-packed Reports & Data Visualizations​

The Senseforce Widget-API is a powerful set of tools for building beautiful, feature-rich data visualizations. With the Widget-API you can create, manage, and update widgets programmatically.

Senseforce Dashboards are feature-packed reports that provide you with filters, drill-down capabilities, and many other ways to view your data. You can also use the API to integrate your dashboards into your version control system, or automatically update and configure them in a scripted and programmatic way.

Intuitive User Management

Senseforce is always a step ahead of the competition by providing one of the most extensive user- and group management tools on the market. The API extends the graphical low-code tools with an automation interface, allowing you to automatically add or delete users, update their permissions and roles or assign them to new groups.

Furthermore, automatically add new groups if a new customer signs up and connect the Senseforce User-Management-System to your IT infrastructure.

Complete Content Sharing Control

Manually sharing content with the right users and groups takes time and effort, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Senseforce gives you complete control over who can access your content with fine-grained access control for elements and data.

With the API, you can automate this process and programmatically share dashboards, widgets, and much more with the right users and groups, so you save a ton of time and efforts. Automate your content sharing by integrating it into your IT landscape.

Powerful Data

Made Easy

No matter what kind of device or system you’re using—whether a small sensor in a factory or a satellite collecting information about climate change—it will be easy for your operation to connect with our platform through the simple MQTT interface we’ve designed.

Simply use our standardized MQTT v3.1.1 and MQTT v5 data ingestion API. With this API, you can connect any MQTT 3.1.1 and MQTT v5 compatible client and send data from any data source to Senseforce.

The MQTT API is scalable, battle-tested, and secure. The API allows you to connect any MQTT 3.1.1 and 5 compatible MQTT clients and accepts data with payloads in flexible JSON formats.

Simple and Secure Edge OTA Management

Keeping your edge installations up to date is a substantial effort. New security patches and feature updates need to be applied on a regular basis.

The Senseforce over the air (OTA) edge management provides a safe and scalable connection to your edge infrastructure. Update your devices, reconfigure them and send files – without the need for external remote management software.

Using the flexible OTA API, you can automate these processes and, for example, create scripts to automate all edge instances at once, adding configurations from your configuration management tools and many more – effortlessly keep thousands of edge agents up to date.

Powerful Authentication API Tailored for IIoT use-cases

The Senseforce authentication API not only allows you to authenticate against the API, but it also allows all of your applications to make use of the Senseforce Identity Provider and therefore authenticate and authorize your applications.

Combine this API resource with the low-code permission management of Senseforce, and you have a powerful digital identity management solution – tailored for IIoT use-cases.

Machine Data Enrichment & Easy Management

Senseforce allows you to enrich your machine data with static metadata and dimensions like max operating hours, location of the machine, or who is responsible for maintaining this machine. Furthermore, you can use this information in your Data Analytics, Automations, and Dashboards.

The Dimension-API, therefore, provides means to programmatically add and update this information to the Senseforce system by connecting the API with your business systems.

Effortless Database Managment : Tuned for Big Data

The Senseforce Database is tuned for high machine data and time-series performance. With the database-management-API, you can update the system database tables, create aggregations and implement data retention strategies – all while operating via the save layer of the Database-Management API – where you don’t need to worry about corrupting the database.

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